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Inaugural Lectures

An Inaugural Lecture is a significant event in an academic staff member's career. Inaugural Lectures provide newly appointed Professors with the opportunity to showcase their research to the College community and members of the public. At Trinity College, Inaugural Lectures are a ceremonial occasion, which is why academic robes are worn by the Inaugural Professor and the rest of the platform party.


Professor Ruth Mazo Karras, Lecky Professor of History

"Sex, Violence, Exclusion: The Shape of Masculine Expectations in Medieval Europe"
25 November 2019



Professor Rhodri Cusack, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

"Uncovering the Hidden Foundations of Cognition in Infancy with Neuroimaging and Artificial Intelligence"
19 February 2019


Professor Sean Duffy, Professor of Medieval Irish and Insular History

King Robert Bruce the Irishman
28 November 2018



Professor Michael Cronin, 1775 Professor of French

'What have the French ever done for us?': From the existentialist cafe to making the planet great again
28 March 2018



Professor Brian Lucey, Professor of International Finance and Commodities

Golden Opportunities: What precious metals can tell us about finance
10 May 2017

Professor Jürgen Barkhoff, Professor of German (1776)

Between boom, bust and Bildung. Entrepreneurship and imagination in the German Merchant Novel
17 January 2017


Professor Mark Bell, Regius Professor of Law

Mental Health and Employment in Ireland: Is Equality Law the Solution?
26 January 2016


Professor Jane Alden, Professor of Music

Visual Sounds: Notation and the Imagination
13 October 2015


Professor Andrew Burke, Professor of Business Studies

The New Entrepreneurship
12 October 2015

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